The hallmark of Rolfing® Structural Integration is a standardized “recipe” known as the Ten-Series, the goal of which is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of ten Rolfing sessions.

Each session focuses on freeing restrictions or holdings trapped in a particular region of the body. The practitioner also maintains a holistic view of the client’s entire system during each session, thus ensuring the transformational process evolves in a comfortable and harmonious way. Each session builds on the one before.

The Ten-Series can be divided into three distinct phases:

Sessions 1-3 : Called the "sleeve” sessions, sessions 1-3 aim to loosen and balance surface layers of connective tissue, expand the relationship to the breath, and begin to create a base of support. *These first 3 sessions can stand alone as a mini series, and make an excellent introduction to the work; a great way to discover how Rolfing can support your goals*

Sessions 4-7 : Referred to as “core” sessions, each examines the terrain found between the bottom of the pelvis and top of the head. The idea of core also includes the deep tissue of the legs for its role in support.

Session 8-10 : Integration is emphasized throughout the remaining three sessions, as sessions 8-10 provide an opportunity for the practitioner to blend previously established advancements, and ones yet to be made, into the body in a way that encourages smooth movement and natural coordination.

The body will continue to integrate the input of the Ten-Series specific to how the individual inhabits and uses their body on a daily basis.

Continued work is available over a shorter series of sessions designed to the specific needs and agreed upon goals of the individual. Single session "tune-ups" are also available.  


Improve and Enhance :



Body Awareness

Range of Motion


Athletic Performance



Self Esteem


Decrease :

Stress and Anxiety

Chronic Pain

Muscular Tension

Scar Tissue

Forms within the universe, whether galaxies, human beings or trees, are generated as an expression of vast forces at work within a holistic framework. Separateness, fragmentation, and disconnection are all illusions... [W]holeness is never lost, and the Health within the human system, which is a manifestation of this unity, is also never lost.
— John Upledger